We are Building a

Life-Giving Community

A culture filled with

Goodness, Truth and Beauty

Prayer Gatherings

Women's Brunch

Below are photos of a few of the many types of  activities in the Sursum Corda Community. 

Small Groups

Mission Trips

Sacramental Life



Sept 10th, 2021

Men's Fellowship

Prayer, Fun, Fellowship

Sept 14th, 2021

Women's Fellowship

Prayer, Fun & Sharing

Sept 18th, 2021

Large Group Gathering

6:30-8:30 PM Keller Home

Lord's Day, Dinner, Prayer

A Community of Catholics Growing as Disciples

Life is full of challenges: living our faith day-to-day, whether individually, in marriages, or in families.  Many of us are surviving rather than thriving. Catholic wisdom, having developed over centuries, teaches us that we need a balanced life where we develop physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. To thrive in this way, we need a truly life-giving culture grounded in the Goodness, Truth, and Beauty found in Jesus and his Church. 


Sursum Corda Community is creating such a culture. We welcome singles, couples, and families who are interested in deeper relationships with other Catholics who are striving to live their faith amidst the chaos and challenges of the world. In the history of the Church many such communities have existed. We are combining ancient and modern wisdom in our approach to building community and culture. 

Sursum Corda is Latin for "Lift up your Heart." Our name points us to the Eucharist, the source and summit of our faith, and calls us to “Lift up our Heart to the Lord” each day in prayer, in good times and bad, and to do it surrounded and supported by brothers and sisters. 

In our community, we seek to grow as intentional disciples with an emphasis on:

  • loving God

  • cultivating healthy relationships

  • building a life-giving culture

  • living our mission to evangelize 


These are our four pillars of community and discipleship. 

Please join us for small and large group gatherings and social events as we cultivate our faith, enjoy fellowship, and support one another in our daily call to holiness.